Mahaffey Giving Back

At Mahaffey Orthodontics we are committed to giving back to the community that supports us. To that end, Dr. Michael Mahaffey both contributes to various fundraisers and events and has developed some specific programs for the community.

If you have a school, organization or event that you would like Mahaffey Orthodontics to consider, please send your request to Please include any forms, levels of sponsorship and deadlines. Please give us at least a month to process your request.

Open Wide Open

In 2003, Dr. Michael Mahaffey gathered a few friends and dentists together for a golf tournament he called the Open Wide Open. For 15 years they gathered and he’d ask his colleagues to donate to a specific charity as part of their participation. It was informal, but made the world a better place, one swing at a time.

In 2017 Mahaffey Orthodontics partnered with Fayette Care Clinic to make the Open Wide Open an even better community-oriented activity.

“We believe in giving back as a part of who we are at Mahaffey Orthodontics,” said Dr. Michael Mahaffey. “Underwriting the Open Wide Open for Fayette Care Clinic as Presenting Sponsor made perfect sense to us. Supporting healthcare in our community for struggling families is a perfect way for a health related practice like ours to make a difference.”

From a few friends on the golf course to a full-fledged golf tournament, the Open Wide Open has become a huge financial success for Fayette Care Clinic.

Fayette Care Clinic Executive Director Deb Presley-Christiansen says, “The proceeds from the Mahaffey Open Wide Open Golf Tournament are instrumental to Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic in continuing to provide healthcare to Fayette County’s uninsured neighbors in need. It is more important than ever that the uninsured have a medical home for primary and specialty care and labs and testing to make sure Fayette County is its healthiest.”

She continued, “Each of the past 3 years, the golf tournament has increased over 20% to the year prior totaling more than $90,000! Through its network of volunteers and partners, Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic provides $8 in healthcare services for every $1 donated, therefore; Mahaffey Orthodontics contributed more than $700,000 in services to our Fayette County community.”

Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic provides primary care, dental, vision, cardiology, podiatry, gynecology, chiropractic, behavioral health, dermatology, physical therapy, gastroenterology, labs, and non-narcotic prescriptions. Fayette C.A.R.E. clinic is now a medical home to more than 900 patients providing in excess of 5,000 patient visits per year. The vast majority of FFC patients are working people with lower incomes that are usually temporarily without insurance coverage. Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic 501(c)3 is part of the Georgia Volunteer Health Care Program (GVHCP) of the Department of Public Health.

Deb Presley-Christiansen concluded, “Through the generous donations provided by the Mahaffey Orthodontics Open Wide Open Golf Tournament, Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic lessens potential health crises for their patients and the entire community.”


Having built a successful orthodontics practice in Peachtree City, Dr. Michael Mahaffey looked for a way that he could share his business expertise and create a legacy across Fayette County and South Metro Atlanta.

“Mentoring people who have just launched businesses made the most sense. There are so many mistakes that can be avoided if a person has the right mentor,” said Dr. Mahaffey.

So Dr. Mahaffey founded MENTORise as part of his vision to help up and coming entrepreneurs in our community to grow their businesses. He gathered other local business people to serve as mentors, so that they can meet with aspiring entrepreneurs to share ideas, forge partnerships and create opportunities.

“Our mentors are amazing people—leaders in the business community, whom I’ve met since I started working as an orthodontist in 1992, in Peachtree City since 2002,” said Dr. Mahaffey. Our mentees range in age and experience, but all have launched or want to launch a business and are looking for wisdom in the process.

Since 2016, MENTORise has made connections and offered free mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs. MENTORise connects mentors to mentees through an in-person event called The Forum. For more information about MENTORise and the opportunity to fill out an application, visit

All Smiles Award

Mahaffey Orthodontics launched the All Smiles Award in 2016 to honor students who make others smile. “There are many awards for academics and athletics, so I was looking to honor those kids who have exceptional character, and make the world a better place,” said Dr. Michael Mahaffey.

Each year, several dozen local schools participate. In each school at each grade level, 4th through 8th, a student is awarded the Mahaffey Orthodontics All Smiles Award at the year-end awards ceremony. Along with a certificate, the All Smiles Award Winners are given $100 gift cards, sponsored by Mahaffey Orthodontics.

In addition to the student awards, Mahaffey Orthodontics also donates $100 per student winner at each school. At elementary schools this is usually $200, and $300 at middle schools. The donations are intended to support the schools and underwrite their awards programming.

Prior Year Winners


COWETA ELEMENTARY: Arbor Springs – 4th Braeden Staffins, 5th Brady Henson; Welch – 4th Jeen Kim, 5th Aiden Jove; Willis Road – 4th Zach Hines, 5th Ivye Harris

COWETA MIDDLE: Arnall – 6th Daniel Nash, 7th Antoan Martinez Rivera, 8th Destiny Smiley; East Coweta – 6th Parker Sorrow, 7th Cadence Price, 8th Brandon Johnson; Lee – 6th Joyce Diaz, 7th Kevin Fairchild, 8th Katelyn Wilson

FAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Braelinn – 5th Kylan Wright; Cleveland – 5th Harper Dunn; Fayetteville 5th Tiffany Ramirez; Kedron – 4th Maddie Rice, 5th Ja’Kai Mitchell; Oak Grove – 4th Payton Price, 5th Israel Gedeon; Peachtree City – 4th Destiny Grimes, 5th Abigail D’Morais; Peeples 5th Mya Ramirez and Jason Yerges; Robert J. Burch – 4th Ava Bracken, 5th Abril Rodriguez Rojas; Sara Harp Minter – 4th Maci Mills, 5th, Jackson Richards.

FAYETTE MIDDLE: Flat Rock – 6th Aja Mason, 7th Kayla Walker, 8th Sa’Vion Odom; J.C. Booth – 6th Kiefer State, 7th Jessica Marhefka, 8th Katrina Thompson; Rising Starr – 6th Kali McQuade, 7th Sophia Cochran, 8th Kitcat Siguenza

PRIVATE: Central Christian – 4th Lawson Freeman, 5th Addison Pruitt, 6th Travis Newman, 7th Emily Shride, 8th Mercer Parrott; St. Paul Lutheran – 4th Willow Head, 5th McKenzie Meredith, 6th Alianna Meier, 7th Izzie Barnett, 8th Joel Courtois, Matthew 6:33 Award Erin James; Trinity Christian – 4th Cody Head, 5th Charlotte Heavin, 6th Helene Lawson, 7th Addie Moore, 8th Faith Macaluso


COWETA ELEMENTARY: Arbor Springs Elementary: (4th) Sara Bloecher, (5th) Emma Kvidt; Poplar Road: (4th) Elis Sisler; (5th) Carsyn Adams; Willis Road Elementary: (4th) Eli Gamel, (5th) Deshanti Heath; Welch Elementary: (4th) Aiden Jove, (5th) Austin Arrington

COWETA MIDDLE: Arnall Middle: (6th) Riley Blodgett, (7th) Julio Chavarria, (8th) Erika Mitchell-Washington; East Coweta Middle: (6th) Christopher Elderidge, (7th) Beau Brooks, (8th) KeMya Slaton; Lee Middle: (6th) Minji Lee, (7th) Ashanti Johnson, (8th) Weston Royer

FAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Fayetteville Elementary: (5th) Kylemil Gehman, (5th) Talia Driver; Kedron Elementary: (4th) Kristen Brynd, (5th) Dillon Michael Joiner; North Fayette Elementary: (4th) Dalilah Johnson, (5th) Jared White; Oak Grove Elementary: (4th) Mayuko Suzuki, (5th) Christopher Peckett; Peachtree City Elementary: (4th) Harper Ellis, (5th) Coleman Maday; (5th) McKinley Yost; Peeples Elementary: (4th) Luke Baxter, (5th) Kate Mitchell; Robert J. Burch Elementary: (4th) Juliann Harris (5th) Cristian Becerra; Sara Harp Minter Elementary: (5th) Luis Barranco, (5th) Lauren Casey

FAYETTE MIDDLE: J. C. Booth Middle: (6th) Maddie Weyandt, (7th) Caroline Roshelli, (8th) Madeline Graf; Flat Rock Middle: (6th) Yosbani Vasallo, (7th) Joseph Cooper, (8th) Jan’ia Torrence; Rising Starr Middle: (6th) Amelia Heath, (7th) Craig Hutchinson, (8th) Lucy Virnig

PRIVATE: Central Christian School: (4th) Aimua Korti, (5th) Ethan Davis, (6th) Mallory Booth, (7th) Maddie Simpson, (8th) Haley Rogers; St. Paul Lutheran School: (4th) Ella Wachter, (5th) Nicholas Heil, (6th) Madison Christensen, (7th) Collin Sheehan, (8th) Abby Rauch, (Matthew 6:33) Madison Cassel-Hughes; Trinity Christian School: (4th) Maddie Jayne Poling, (5th) Hannah Fourman, (6th) Cole Barrentine, (7th) Charlie Storey, (8th) Emmie Weikle


COWETA ELEMENTARY: Arbor Springs Elementary: (4th) Mason Law, (5th) Zaina Khalousi; Willis Road Elementary: (4th) Sofi Schwartz, (5th) Kevin Fairchild; Welch Elementary: (4th) David Waters, (5th) Carolina McPherson

COWETA MIDDLE: Arnall Middle: (6th) Quintavious Adams, (7th) J.P. Warren, (8th) Donia Chiciu; East Coweta Middle: (6th) Ella Miller, (7th) Aidan McWilliams, (8th) Curtis Reece; Lee Middle: (6th) Audrey Rush, (7th) Heidi Teagle, (8th) Myracle Mateen

FAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Braelinn Elementary: (5th) Zoe Croft, Fayetteville Elementary: (5th) Kayla Reynolds, (5th) Bunmi Aladeniyi; North Fayette Elementary: (4th) Adrianna Monterrosa, (5th) Faith Livinus; Oak Grove Elementary: (4th) Jadynn Martin, (5th) Bernaldino Moran-Palomar; Peachtree City Elementary: (4th) Addison Rinkiewicz, (5th) Triston Miller; Peeples Elementary: (4th) Mia Jardot, (5th) Ishan Kasaju; Robert J. Burch Elementary: (4th) Andres Hernandez (5th) Angel Johnson; Sara Harp Minter Elementary: (5th Ben) Schueffner, (5th) Derquan Ambles; Huddleston Elementary: (4th) Alicia Carrillo-Bueno, (5th) Jayden Jackman; Cleveland Elementary: (5th) Brodie Burnett; Kedron Elementary: (4th) Juan Torres Gomez, (5th) Allen Arzuaga Davila

FAYETTE MIDDLE: Bennett’s Mill Middle: (6th) Goodness Adeleye, (7th) Tammy Balogun, (8th) Kasi Cost; J. C. Booth Middle: (6th) Jamie Artiles Santana, (7th) Lexie Holder, (8th) Jessie Sy; Flat Rock Middle: (6th) Syndi Cleveland, (7th) Miles Thornton, (8th) Kennedy Harris; Rising Starr Middle: (6th) Laura Rowell, (7th) Sarah Schnider, (8th) Joseph Sulkowski

PRIVATE: Trinity Christian Middle School: (6th) Joshua Taylor, (7th) Ally Lawson, (8th) Jeff Harris; Central Christian: (4th) Sarah Passow, (5th) Clay Blackstock, (6th) Kennede Fleming, (7th) Grayson Logan (8th) Zenya Sims; Grace Christian Academy: (4th) Ryan Henderson, (5th) Izabelle Street, (6th) Miderline Charles, (7th) Kathryn Street, (8th) Morgan Turner; St. Paul Lutheran School: (4th) Aldina Berhanu, (5th) Andre Tchaykov, (6th) Larron Rainey, (7th) Madison Cassel-Hughes, (8th) C’Aaliyah Livingston (Matthew 6:33 Award) Wesley Buonerba.


COWETA ELEMENTARY: Arbor Springs Elementary: Clark Coggin (4th), Marlena Harbuck (5th); Eastside Elementary: Brianna Smith (4th), Joshua Sherman (5th); Willis Road Elementary: Jensyn Carlisle (4th), Garrett McLay (5th)

COWETA MIDDLE: Arnall Middle: Mia Person (6th), Donia Chiciu (7th), Madison Stewart (8th); East Coweta Middle: Kelsie Richardson (6th), Lupita Briseno (7th), Madison LoGalbo (8th); Lee Middle: Jada Cutliff (6th), Destiny McCrary (7th), Myquel Hill (8th), Madison Nix (8th)

FAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Braelinn Elementary: Simon Ruiz (4th), Kit Cat Siguenza (5th); North Fayette Elementary: Melissa Villagomez (4th), Jazlyn Richmond (5th); Oak Grove Elementary: Jack Smith (4th), Joey Hood (5th); Peachtree City Elementary: Isabella Hickey (4th), Matthew D’Morais (5th); Peeples Elementary, Audrey New (4th), Hayden Andrews (5th); Robert J. Burch Elementary: Isabella Murtha (4th), Kennedy Bynoe (5th); Sara Harp Minter Elementary: Jaden Groce (5th), Kayla Aldridge (5th)

FAYETTE MIDDLE: Bennett’s Mill Middle: Evan Canby-Pratt (6th), Kaylin Belwood (7th), Tristen Ohonde (8th); J. C. Booth Middle: Sophie Hollowell (6th), Jessica Sy (7th), Jace Christen (8th); Flat Rock Middle: Skylar Smith (6th), Solange Aniekwu (7th), Gaby Rozales (8th); Rising Starr Middle: Elizabeth Miller (6th), Emma Parker (7th), Sarah Goins (8th)

PRIVATE: Central Christian: Clay Blackstock (4th), Mercer Parrott (5th), Louis Gagnon (6th), Aaron Cawood (7th), Kendra Jenkins (8th); Grace Christian Academy: Victoria McDonald (4th), Miderline Charles (5th), Kathryn Street (6th); Chloe Hanna (7th), Calvin Feldt (8th); St. Paul Lutheran School: Elizabeth Barnett (4th), Alyssa Gibson (5th), Avery Metarko (6th), Andrew King (7th), Garrett Preble (8th), Orianna Roland (Matthew 6:33 Award)