We are proud to be the only Invisalign Platinum Plus provider in Peachtree City! Invisalign can be a great option for patients of all ages.

All About Invisalign™

At Mahaffey Orthodontics, we are proud to be the only Platinum Plus Invisalign™ provider in Peachtree City. In fact, Dr. Mahaffey and Dr. Linkous are in the top 1% of all Invisalign™ providers in the entire state of Georgia! They treat more patients than 99% of all other orthodontists who use Invisalign™, and their expertise shows in the beautiful smiles they create every day.

Benefits of Invisalign™


The aligners are truly clear, which means they’re almost invisible while you’re wearing them. That’s right, no brackets or wires!


You can take your aligners out to brush and floss, so caring for your teeth is a lot easier. You remove the aligners for meals, which means you can eat whatever you like — even nuts, chewy bagels and corn on the cob!

Fewer Visits

You’ll have fewer office visits — most patients only need to see us about every twelve weeks to check on their progress, and many of these can be virtual visits!

For Teens Too

There’s an Invisalign™ system designed especially for teens whose back molars haven’t come in yet. We are excited to now offer Invisalign™ to our younger patients.

Cost Effective

The cost of aligners and braces are the same - the choice of how you want to straighten your teeth is up to you, with our doctors making a recommendation if one method or the other would work better. In most cases, we can achieve the same excellent results with either method.

Simple Care

Aligners are easy to care for with gentle brushing and optional soaking each time you brush and after each meal

How Invisalign™ Works

Get a gorgeous smile with Invisalign™, a state-of-the-art orthodontic system that’s the clear choice for millions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invisalign™ Treatment?

Invisalign™ treatment is the process of wearing clear aligners that gradually straighten teeth. These aligners are removable, allowing patients to eat what they want and brush and floss easily!

Are Invisalign™ Clear Aligners Right for Me?

Invisalign™ is perfect for teens or adults looking for a beautiful new smile with virtually invisible aligners. These aligners use advanced technology to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues. The best part? They don’t interrupt your busy lifestyle!

Can I get Invisalign™ if I’ve had braces before?

Absolutely! Invisalign™ is the perfect solution to fix nearly all common teeth-straightening issues.

How long does Invisalign™ treatment take?

While every smile is different, so is every treatment plan. Depending on the complexity of your smile, treatment can last anywhere from 9 to 18 months. We will go over your entire treatment plan at your consultation.